Building & Busman’s

Building update
The expert property-condition-assessment guy said our fine old building is in GREAT SHAPE!! Oh, we need a new roof and some tuck pointing — but it’s not urgent yet so we can save up for that!  It was so gratifying that he was wowed by how sturdy we are. We’re perfect for a green roof. Or a whole rooftop garden. Yes — my fantasy of the rooftop garden and cocktail lounge lives!!! We just need someone who wants to invest in such a project! (And did I mention the view?!?)

Busman’s marathon coming to a close on July 26
After a 13-week run, Busman’s Honeymoon is finally coming to a close. The cast has been doing 5 shows a week (2 of them on Saturday) and I’m glad they’ll soon be getting a well-deserved rest. Everyone except Rob Kauzlaric, Chris Walsh & Chris Hainsworth, who begin rehearsals for Treasure Island on July 27. Yes, that is one day after the close of Busman’s. No rest for the wicked. Or for pirates…

Dorothy Milne
Artistic Director