Catching up on this past summer…

Glenwood Ave Arts Fest
The 8th annual Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest was a total blast!  Lifeline’s Mrs. PIggle-Wiggle did a reprise there on both Saturday and Sunday — our first time doing a full show outdoors!  Many families who have not yet been to Lifeline were able to see the show.

We sold several subscriptions during the Fest and about a dozen Rogers Park Flex Passes!

Here’s a shot from the south stage at GAAF 09…

Our new-ish sign is looking snazzy and both Glenwood and Morse were packed like this all weekend.  About 90 artists participated and the art was eclectic and unique — just like our neighborhood.  There’s nothing generic about Glenwood Avenue Arts Fest.   All food and beverage booths are from Morse, Glenwood and Clark street bars and restaurants:  Duke’s, Heartland, The Glenwood, Gold N Pear, Grill Inn, Morseland… and our friends from Grande Noodles are pictured below.

I think I made the MOST visits to the Grande booth, but I did manage a snack from each and every delicious participant!

Our talented and generous neighbors at B1E Gallery
I’m sure you’ve already noticed the sculpture garden just south of Lifeline Theatre.  Its ever-changing display fascinates passers-by, both young and old.  The sculpture garden is the outdoor portion of B1E Gallery, one of Lifeline’s newest neighbors.  They’ve really made a big splash in a short time on our block.

For the past year, Lifeline’s south wall has been adorned by enormous, colorful paintings by B1E artists Andy DeLaRosa, John Bambino and June Bralich.  Easily seen by the train, these paintings have really added to Lifeline’s glamor and eye-appeal!   Here’s our wall from Aug 08 to Aug 09 below!

This year on Fest weekend,  new paintings were installed by B1E.  This year’s artists are John Bambino, Diana Berek and Robin Giove.  John painted Angry Rabbit and Pissy Tortoise, Robin painted Duncan (the referee dog) and Diane painted the triptych,Time Gathers All.  We break into smiles every time we see ’em.  And we’re glade to be joined on the block by B1E, whose presence makes Glenwood Avenue Arts District just that much cooler.

Photos by Al Goldberg

Dorothy Milne
Artistic Director