The Mural!

Check out what our Education Director, Lea Pinsky has been up to! She and her husband, Dustin Harris, were lead artists on this stunning new mural a few blocks north of us on Glenwood Ave.

They worked with 75 (!) kids from the Howard Area Youth Program. Lea and Dustin led the young people in researching Rogers Park history and used images the kids came up with to show that history in the mural. The project was funded by our local SSA#24, administered by the Rogers Park Business Alliance.

Hey – did you know that we’re going to have a “Mile of Murals” on Glenwood Avenue?  Yeah, we’re going to get totally muralized over the next couple years!  Lifeline’s section will be last, since there’s already art on it…

The section in front of Lifeline was done in 1993, and has since begun to crumble.  We will be sad to see it go.  It was done in partnership with the Chicago Public Art Group and the lead artists are now very well known.  Casper and Dzine each have regular showings at the Museum of Contemporary Art as well as showing their work internationally!  For more about that piece and its team of artists, you can check out the Chicago Public Art Group. But soon we’ll have new art here by the next generation of local artists!

Photo of Lea with Howard-area kids by Dustin Harris. Mural photos by Gregory Altman.

Dorothy Milne
Artistic Director