Time for an introduction! I’m Tiffany Keane, one of the newest interns here at Lifeline, and the assistant director/dramaturg of Wuthering Heights. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing inside scoop on the rehearsal process and interesting historical research that I’ve come across about the world of the play. It’s been a very exciting time here at Lifeline with such a great upcoming season!

I go to school at Columbia College of Chicago where I major in Theatre (directing concentration) with a minor in literature. I had seen a few Lifeline shows like Treasure Island and The Mark of Zorro, so when I came across Lifeline Theatre at the internship fair, I had already been in love with Lifeline’s mission and wanted to be a part of the magic. I met briefly with Allison Cain, Lifeline’s managing director, and from there I was immediately embraced by the ensemble.

Since May I’ve been interning with Lifeline, and it has been an extraordinary experience. It’s been so inspiring working with people who give 110% of themselves to storytelling. Everyone is so open and collaborative here, and they’ve made sure to make my internship a fun learning experience. I’ve done numerous jobs around the theatre, all hands-on. I’ve worked in the box office, I’ve proposed benefit venues at board meetings, I’ve organized costumes, I’ve learned about grant writing, and my most recent venture is helping out at Lifeline’s Summer Drama Camp… so I’ve been keeping busy. It’s a running joke around Lifeline that I’ve got my hands in every pot (which is really funny now that I think about it because I do occasionally water the flowers outside as well). Nevertheless, has definitely been an all-round experience for me and I am eternally grateful.That being said, I am ecstatic to be working on dramaturgy and assistant directing for Wuthering Heights. This classic piece of literature is a very haunting story and I feel incredibly lucky to have the honor to be apart of this piece of art. To sum it all up- excitement!

There is so much more to come, so please keep checking this blog- there are many goodies in store!

Tiffany Keane