On-set rehearsals

Wow- last week was really exciting! Wuthering Heights is now able to rehearse on the set! Although the set is far from finished, you can see the framework of Alan Donahue’s lovely design. The actors are having a lot of fun playing in the space, and its great to see these two aspects of the world come together, even in the beginning stages.

Lifeline has the great opportunity to let actors in the space weeks before opening, so any changes that need to be done to the set or blocking can be implemented ahead of time. For example, some actors were concerned that a step was going to get in the way of some of the blocking, to which director Elise Kauzlaric replied, “Let’s have them make this portable so we can only have the step when we need it.” At the very next rehearsal, the step had been unbolted from the ground and the actors were able to move it aside when it wasn’t being used.

The ability to have a set built and changed so early in the process makes Lifeline unique from many Chicago theatres. Also, Lifeline has everything built onsite in the basement, so designers can see what a structure will look like in the space long before tech and have time to make changes as they see fit. It helps the transition from rehearsal to tech run much more smoothly, and by the time we move into tech, the actors are very familiar and comfortable with the scenic design. It’s the beauty of having a space of your own.

Speaking of tech, we are all preparing to tackle tech this weekend! Everyone’s hard work will be coming together, and I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

Tiffany Keane