Pride and Prejudice is coming…

…and we can’t wait! (It began previews on April 20th and opens on April 30th.) P&P was last produced at Lifeline Theatre in 1992 and an artifact from that long-ago production was recently unearthed and posted on Facebook by Mr. Darcy 1992 (Frank David Nall). We re-post it here, in all its sepia-toned glory.

1992 Pride and Prejudice, backstage. How many people can you name?

Back: John Sterchi, Leticia Hicks, Gregg Mierow, Frank Nall, Adrianne Cury, Sandy Snyder, Rick La Fond.
Front: Maggie Carney, Steve Totland, Jenifer Tyler, Dorothy Milne.

And now, here they are! Just waiting to burst from the dressing room and take the stage: Pride and Prejudice Team 2012. They will rock you! Get your tickets now!

Back row: Wm. Bullion, Micah J. L. Kronlokken, James Gasber, Dennis Grimes, Don Bender
Middle row: Laura McClain, Chelsea Paice, Cameron Feagin, Jan Sodaro, Phil Timberlake
Front row: Amanda Drinkall, Kirsty Rivett, Cassidy Shea Stirtz, Kelsey Jorissen

Dorothy Milne
Artistic Director