Lifeline welcomes summer intern Mary McDermott!

Mary McDermott hails from the Village of Kill, County Kildare, Ireland. She describes herself as a bookworm and has been involved in drama since she was 8 years old. Mary is a student at the Conservatory of Music and Drama at the Dublin Institute of Technology. The Conservatory has a relationship with Columbia College here in Chicago and Mary has been at Columbia as an exchange student for the past semester. Mary extended her stay to intern at Lifeline until August, after which she will return to Dublin for her last year of school. Mary has loved her experience at Columbia and starred there as Julia in 1984. This production was adapted and directed by Tiffany Keane as her final Columbia directing project. (Tiffany is a former intern and currently a Lifeline house manager and storyteller). Mary is is enjoying working at Lifeline and participating as a writer/performer in the Lifeline Storytelling Project. Mary looks forward to pursuing an acting career post-graduation in either Dublin or Chicago. She is greatly enjoying her stay here, but is baffled by the Chicago compulsion to put either cheese or cinnamon in everything. We are excited to have her with us this summer!