Fanny and Hester Retire From the Stage (For Now)

Show mice Fanny and Hester took a curtain call with the cast on closing night of The Woman in White.  Named after two character’s from Wilkie Collins‘ book that did not make it into the play, Fanny and Hester took turns starring opposite Chris Walsh as pets of his villainous but mouse-friendly Count Fosco.  Hester remained a little stage-nervous throughout the run but Fanny became quite the ham — sitting up in Count Fosco’s hand and enjoying her audience reaction.

With the closing of The Woman in White, the ladies will continue to reside at Lifeline in the upstairs office on their shelf between Rob and Alex‘s desks.  The routine of coming out of their cage every day to rehearse with Rob (who has acted as their trainer) is a ritual that will be maintained as it is also a nice stress reducer for all who share the office.  It is also supposed that our show-biz mice would rather stay amongst the theater folk than to go home and share quarters with Rob and Elise’s several cats.

Pictured below:
Hester strikes a thoughtful pose, Fanny enjoys a snack…and then falls asleep.

Dorothy Milne
Artistic Director