Lifeline Celebrates the Holidays!

Lifeline’s annual holiday party was so romantically lit that my photos all look like they were taken underwater and lit by jelly fish. Every year we invite all cast and crew, board, staff, ensemble and interns for the season, and this year about 75 Lifeline peeps gathered on December 8th for the party. We had pizza from JB Alberto’s and other snacks and desserts delivered by Lifeline subscriber and baker extraordinaire Char Uney, who provides sweet treats for many a Lifeline event. And we drank a toast to our good friend and neighbor Neil Lifton, the owner of Duke’s bar who left this world about this time last year. (When the bar closed, Neil’s wife Mary donated some of the bar stock to Lifeline so we were able to toast our departed friend in style.)

Because Santa’s elves were exceptionally slammed this year and fell behind on the prep work, there was no cookie decorating contest this year. But Lea Pinsky found kits for gingerbread villages at the store so we were not without activity for the ever-crafty Lifeline visiting artists!

Dorothy Milne
Artistic Director