In-School Residencies • On-Site Workshops • After-School Programs Our Artists-in Residence program pairs professional teaching artists with classroom teachers in Chicago-area schools to teach drama to children in grades K-5 and provide professional development to teachers. Our residency programs not only teach acting basics, but also help students in all areas of learning and social development. Last year, we worked with over 850 students, 25 classrooms, and seven schools.

Interactive Storytelling Sessions!

Ms. Darian
Mr. Nate
Ms. Julie

Artist-in-Residence partnerships can include any of the following components, depending on student age and length of program:

  • Learning the principles of performance and tools of the actor: body, voice, imagination, and ensemble.
  • Experiencing the Lifeline matinee: exploring the book in advance, attending the play, and reflecting on the adaptation.
  • Making an original adaptation for performance by reading and recreating literary works.
  • Engaging in a culminating performance for peers.

Available residencies include the following programs, with grade requirements. All of our residencies are customizable for your school’s goals and budget.

3 sessions, with matinee

6 sessions, with matinee

STORY LAB (1st-2nd)
10-12 sessions, with matinee

16-20 sessions, with matinee

Expand your matinee field trip with an on-site workshop! We offer drama workshops after the matinee, so your students can have a hands-on acting experience in a professional theatre space.

Bring bag lunches, and after you eat we’ll dive right into drama games and activities tied to the matinee production.

On-site workshops bring the show’s themes to life and are customizable to individual teacher’s requests.

This behind-the-scenes learning opportunity is not to be missed!


Our teaching artists can come to your classroom before or after your Student Matinee experience to examine the book the play is based on, explore the themes and characters of the play, and lead fun and educational theatre games.


Invite our artists for an after-school program and extend student learning beyond school hours! All programs are customizable to serve any age range from Kindergarten to 8th grade. We can focus on teaching basic performance skills, integrate with in-school learning, or prepare a production. Let us fulfill your vision for more arts learning at your school!

Contact Education Director Julie Ganey for more information about our in-school residencies. (773) 761-4477 x707 or

Click on the videos below for footage of our in-school residencies.

Kindergarten Residency