The 2019-20 Concert Reading Series

Lifeline continues one of its most beloved traditions with another season of concert readings!

The Dorothy L. Sayers Series
Strong Poison: Wednesday, November 6, 2019
Gaudy Night: Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Busman’s Honeymoon: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

What is a concert reading?

Actors will present the play reading from scripts, typically at music stands. Our concert readings are rehearsed performances with a minimal amount of movement. Occasionally, stage directions will be read if necessary for following the story. There is no scenery, but minimal sound/light/costuming effects may be incorporated.

Our returning fans liken the experience to enjoying a live radio play, with a strong focus on language and performance.

This year’s roster features ensemble member Frances Limoncelli‘s adaptations of Dorothy L. Sayers’ beloved classics, which she’ll also be directing:

Starting with Strong Poison on November 6, featuring members of the original cast of the 2004 production including: Patrick Blashill, Peter Greenberg, Elise Kauzlaric, Robert Kauzlaric, Jenifer Tyler, founding ensemble member Sandy Snyder Pietz, Chris Walsh, and guest artist Jan Sodaro.

Then, Gaudy Night on March 18, featuring Janet Ulrich Brooks, Peter Greenberg, Katie McLean Hainsworth, Ora Jones, Elise Kauzlaric, Michael McKeogh, Dorothy Milne, Jan Sodaro, and Jenifer Tyler.

And concluding with Busman’s Honeymoon on June 17. Cast to be announced.

Event Schedule

Each evening begins at 6:00pm with a light supper and wine/beer (plus conversation with Lifeline ensemble, staff, and board members). At 7:00pm, the performances start. (Script times vary, but are approximately two and a half hours in length.) An intermission allows for refills of wine or water, and after the reading coffee and dessert are served.

Tickets are only $50 for Lifeline subscribers ($75 for the general public) and can only be ordered by calling the Lifeline Box Office at 773-761-4477.