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Shopping List

"I started donating to Lifeline in response to a flyer at a KidSeries show that asked, 'Can you buy a chicken a costume for $30?' At the time, a blouse for work cost me $50, so I thought I could manage to buy a chicken a costume for less than it cost me to dress myself."
     —Nona Flores, Lifeline Subscriber since 2000, donor since 2006
Nona first gave to Lifeline by underwriting the cost of a single costume in one of our KidSeries shows. Six years later, Nona sponsors each of our KidSeries productions through the Shopping List. The multitude of costumes she has sponsored have entertained audiences of all ages. You, too, can provide fundamental items such as properties, scenery, costumes, or even office supplies by sponsoring an item from our Shopping List.

Note that for any show-specific items you chose to sponsor, you will receive recognition of your sponsorship in the show’s program.

To sponsor an item on our Shopping List, please contact Katie Cassidy, Development Manager, at 773.761.4477 x708 or
Provide Production Materials for our Big Stories, Up Close Value
Set materials for Middle Passage $2,000
Set materials for Bunny's Book Club $500
Costumes for Middle Passage $2,500
Costumes for Bunny's Book Club $600
Props for Middle Passage $700
Props for Bunny's Book Club $350
One can of paint $40
Electric cable $60
Sound editing software $75
One new lighting instrument $600
One new lamp for a lighting instrument $30

Support our Education Programs Value
Sponsor a Kid: Provide free enrollment for one child in Lifeline's Summer Camp $650
Set of books for 1 classroom in our Artists-in- Residency Program $60
Supplies for 1 Education workshop $45

Help Keep our Facilities running Value
Ticket stock for two shows $255
Light bulbs for three months $30
One month's supply of trash bags $30
Copier paper for one month $35
Internet for one month $80
One printer cartridge $55
Cleaning supplies for one month $80
New computer $300
Carpet cleaning $1,000
One tank of gas for the Lifeline shuttle van $60
Office supplies for one month $75

Help us spread the word about Lifeline's productions Value
Season brochure $6,500
Postcard printing for Bunny's Book Club $700
Postcard printing for Middle Passage $1,000
Poster printing for Bunny's Book Club $200
Poster printing for Middle Passage $200
Season banner $1,500

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